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# indicates a one act play
* indicates a Junior Hall Players Production
March 2016Curtain up on Murder
January 2016Lady Killers
March 2015Ladies Down Under
January 2015Robin Hood
November2014Blood Brothers
March 2014Ladies Day
January 2014The Perfect Murder
November2013Curtain Up
June 2013IED #
March 2013Generations Apart
January 2013Mother Goose
November2012Be My Baby
March 2012Witness for the Prosecution
January 2012The Reunion
November2011Accrington Pals
April 2011Sailor Beware
January 2011Aladdin
November2010The Importance of being Earnest
June 2010Mantrap #
March 2010Seeds of Doubt
January 2010Inspector Drake and the Black Widow
November 2009The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle
June 2009Trampled #
March 2009First Things First
January 2009Sleeping Beauty
November 2008Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime
June 2008Scoundrels and Strategems #
March 2008The Decorator
January 2008Murder in Company
November 2007Ghost Writer
June 2007Late Entry #
March 2007Third Week in August
January 2007Sinbad the Sailor
November 2006Murder by the Book
June 2006What's for Supper #
March 2006We found Love and an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines Aboard the SS Farndale Avenue
January 2006A Comedy night of One Act Plays
November 2005A Touch of Danger
June 2005The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley #
April 2005Living Together
January 2005Our Day Out *
November 2004When we are Married
June 2004Between Mouthfuls #
March2004Constant Wife
January2004Beauty and the Beast
November 2003Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue - S'il Vous Plait
June 2003Fluff #
March 2003Sisterly Felings
January 2003A Sting in the Tale
November 2002Building Blocks
March 2002The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery
January 2002Peter Pan *
November 2001An Inspector Calls
June 2001Last Panto in Little Grimley #
March 2001Dangerous Corner
January 2001Cinderella
October 2000Birthday Suite
June 2000Last Tango in Little Grimley #
March 2000Dead Man's Hand
January 2000Absurd Person Singular
November 1999Close to the Wind
June 1999Date Blind #
March 1999Gaslight
January 1999Dick Whittington
November 1998Present from the Past
June 1998Mother Figure #
April 1998Chase me Comrade
January 1998Fish out of Water
November 1997Edge of Darkness
June 1997Water Babies *
March 1997My Friend Miss Flint
January 1997Jack and the Beanstalk
November 1996Laburnum Grove
April 1996The Ninth Hour
March 1996And Then There Were None
January 1996The Decorator
November 1995Sheppey
March 1995Murder for the Asking
January 1995Mother Goose
November 1994The Constant Wife
March 1994Darling Mr. London
January 1994Pygmalion
November 1993The Hollow
March 1993Celebration
January 1993Babes in the Wood
November 1992Accrington Pals
March 1992The Cure For Love
January 1992Double Cut
November 1991The Late Mrs. Early
March 1991Gaslight
January 1991Aladdin
November 1990Round and Round the Garden
March 1990Boeing Boeing
January 1990Rebecca
November 1989Table Manners
March 1989Bonaventure
January 1989Barefoot in the Park
November 1988Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
March 1988Time and Time Again
January 1988The Passing of the Third Floor Back
November 1987Wolf's Clothing
March 1987Man Alive
January 1987Dark Lucy
December 1986The Snow Queen *
November 1986Crystal Clear
March 1986Murder on the Nile
January 1986Murder by the Book
November 1985Doctor in Love
March 1985Time and the Conways
March 1985Spanner in the Works #
January 1985A Murder as been Arranged
December 1984Humpty Dumpty *
November 1984Milk and Honey
March 1984The Camel's Back
February 1984Post Play #
January 1984Wolfsbane
November 1983I Remember Mama
March 1983The Happiest days of Your Life
January 1983To Live in Peace
November 1982The Shop at Sly Corner
April 1982Plaza Suite
March 1982Cat on the Fiddle
November 1981Quiet Weekend
March 1981Ten Times Table
January 1981Farewell Farewell Eugene
November 1980Edge of Darkness
March 1980Night Must Fall
February 1980Watch it Sailor
November 1979Pink String and Sealing Wax
March 1979The Manor of Northstead
February 1979Sailor Beware
October 1978Murder with Love
April 1978Cat among the Pigeons
February 1978The Chitern Hundreds
November 1977Murder at the Vicarage
March 1977The Winslow Boy
January 1977The Late Mrs. Early
November 1976The Gentle Hook
March 1976The Man Most Likely To
January 1976A Sense of Guilt
November 1975Lloyd George knew my Father
March 1975Love in a Mist
January 1975Suddenly at Home
November 1974Off the Deep End
March 1974Barefoot in the Park
November 1973Book of the Month
March 1973Man for the Job
January 1973House by the Lake
October 1972On Monday Next
March 1972Roar like a Dove
January 1972Gaslight
November 1971When we are Married
March 1971Arsenic and Old Lace
January 1971George and Margaret
November 1970Rebecca
March 1970The Full Treatment
January 1970For Pete's Sake
November 1969Bonaventure
March 1969Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
January 1969Aunt Edwina
November 1968The Last Word
March 1968Love from a Stranger
January 1968The Geese are getting Fat
November 1967The Bride and the Bachelor
April 1967Dear Charles
January 1967Portrait of Murder
November 1966The Cure for Love
March 1966A Shred of Evidence
November 1965Cat on the Fiddle
March 1965Blithe Spirit
January 1965The Sound of Murder
November 1964My Three Angels
March 1964The Absolutes
November 1963The Hollow
March 1963The Blue Goose
November 1962Candied Peel
March 1962Without the Prince
November 1961Quiet Weekend

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